A Tribute to Seafarers
Around the World

Walk, Jog, Cycle & Swim
for Our HEROES at Sea

This event is a tribute to the UNSUNG heroes of the COVID-19 crisis who are the seafarers working tirelessly on ships around the world to bring us the food, fuel and day-to-day goods we all take for granted.  The signing-off and re-patriation have become extremely difficult which means many seafarers stay many months beyond their contracted time and then have to undergo a two-week quarantine (SHN) before they can be reunited with their families.  Imagine you are running a marathon and at just 500 metres from the finish line, you are told you must do it all again.  This is what thousands of seafarers are facing at this time.


Tribute Messages to Seafarers
around the World

Esben Poulsson, Executive Chairman, Enesel Pte. Ltd.


On behalf of the International Chamber of Shipping, I would like to congratulate the Singapore Nautical Institute and the world maritime heritage society for organising the Heroes at Sea initiative. The covid19 crisis has brought about a greater understanding and recognition of the vital role played by seafarers in keeping trade moving, often in highly challenging circumstances. Seafarers are indeed the world’s unsung heroes, and they deserve our respect, admiration and support.

Quah Ley Hoon, Chief Executive, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

I warmly welcome the Heroes at Sea initiative. I hope that more like-minded partners will step forward to help our global seafarer community tide over this difficult period. Together, we will overcome!


Mary Liew, General SecretarySingapore Maritime Officers’ Union

“Heroes at sea” is a wonderful initiative to encourage and give support to seafarers all around the world. We hope that many around the world will unite and participate in this to show our solidarity for our unsung heroes. 


Michael Phoon, Executive Director, Singapore Shipping Association

On behalf of all at SSA, I congratulate all parties behind this ‘Heroes at Sea’ initiative. I certainly hope that more within and out of the maritime community can show their appreciation and support to seafarers during and beyond the global pandemic.


Capt. Mohd Salleh B. Ahmad Sarwan, Director of Singapore Maritime Academy, Singapore Polytechnic

On behalf of the staff and students at SMA, I applaud the ‘Heroes at Sea’ initiative for raising greater awareness on the significant responsibilities that our seafarers shoulder in facilitating the flow of global trade. It is a befitting and timely project to acknowledge and honour their contributions in keeping the world’s economy moving.


Oleg Chcheka, President, Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University

The entire world is deeply indebted to seafarers for keeping supply chains operational during the pandemic. In this regard, “Heroes at sea” is a great effort and initiative to encourage, support and demonstrate our solidarity for all the seafarers around the world in this challenging time!


Capt. Albert Teo, Ambassador, National Olympic Committee, Republic of Angola to South East Asia

I warmly welcome the Heroes at Sea initiative. I hope that more like-minded partners will step forward to help our global seafarer community tide over this difficult period. Together, we will overcome!


 Martin Taylor, Chief Executive, OneOcean

OneOcean is privileged to offer our support to Heroes at Sea as a Gold-level corporate sponsor and encourage our staff throughout the world to join their colleagues in the global maritime community for this virtual fundraising event to help raise vital funds for this fantastic cause.


Kent Lee, Chief Executive, Voyager Worldwide

We would like to thank the organisers for this great initiative. Voyager Worldwide is delighted to be able to give our support to Heroes at Sea and for the opportunity to express our gratitude for the sacrifices seafarers around the world are making in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your Participation

‘Heroes at Sea’ is to highlight this sacrifice by seafarers and enables all to participate as each can do it at their own pace during this one month period.

There are no race timings nor prizes for positions. You can choose to just do a walk, or any combination of all 4 types, i.e. walk, jog, cycle and swim. We are suggesting a minimum target of 10 km, but of course, you might wish to set your individual bar higher.  For all types of activities, it must be done in a safe environment as the organizers cannot be responsible.

minimum of 90% of monies raised will go to seafarers’ welfare via the Mission to Seafarers Singapore, the Singapore Nautical Institute and the World Maritime Heritage Society.


There are increased services for visiting ships and providing blessings for those lost at sea/death and higher operating expenses for virtual attendances and enhanced support to seafarers around the world for emotional distress and providing a listening ear. The work continues and the funds from the Tribute to our Heroes at Sea is much appreciated and needed.



The SNI is initiating a welfare program that will reach out to seafarers in distress in the waters of Singapore providing them with necessary essentials and helping them reach out to their loved ones.



Through our participation in the Heroes at Sea project, we hope to inspire and nurture both seafarers and the young people of Singapore as we face the challenges ahead together, as a community of global citizens.


Building Memories

Share your selfies and wefies with messages to seafarers using the hashtag #HeroesAtSea2020.

We are inviting you to walk, jog, cycle or swim for Our HEROES at Sea!

Come join us as we pay tribute to the seafarers around the world – Our HEROES at Sea!

Virtual Swim @ ArtScience Museum – A creative way to pay tribute to Our HEROES at Sea!

EVERY Distance Counts

Help us to Circumnavigate the Globe – 40,000 km Target!





A Tribute to Seafarers around the World


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A Tribute to Seafarers around the World


This event is organised by
World Maritime Consultancy & Services Pte Ltd,
and co-organised by The Singapore Nautical Institute and
The World Maritime Heritage Society.